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The Alaska Nursing Action Coalition is building partnerships in the Alaska nursing community. If you are interested in getting involved in this vital network, please contact us.

Our Mission

Promoting a Culture of Health for all Alaskans through nursing leadership, mentorship, and excellence.

Our Focus Areas

The Alaska Nursing Action Coalition has established action teams to work on our four main program focus areas: Diversity, Evidence Based Practice, Leadership Development and Scope of Practice. Click on a focus area to see our work in this area and to find out how you can help.


Diversify nursing at all levels of practice in terms of gender, age, cultural background, areas of specialty and experience working in rural and urban settings. Learn More & Get Involved

Evidence Based Practice

Prepare nurses to support patient-centered care within a changing healthcare environment. Learn More & Get Involved

Leadership Development

Prepare nurses to be leaders in health care delivery in every setting. Learn More & Get Involved

Scope of Practice
APRN Alliance

Support nurses to actively expand access to healthcare, improve quality, and contain costs through practicing to the full extent of their education and training. Learn More & Get Involved


Resources for Nurses.

 The Alaska Nursing Action Coalition is dedicated to providing you access to the best articles from resources around the web on issues that matter to nursing in Alaska. View our Articles.

 Interested in working with the Alaska Nursing Action Coalition? Have ideas on how the Coalition can better serve Alaskan nurses? Need help or desire to concent with a mentor? Contact Us.

 The Alaska Nursing Action Coalition strives to be the source of information about nursing in Alaska. This is possible through our partnerships with other professional nursing organizations. View our list of partners.